Frequently Asked Questions

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What are my obligations as a homeowner?

  • If your home has suffered a loss, be sure to promptly notify your insurance company.
  • Emergency repairs should be made to ensure the property is not damaged further. This includes acts such as tarping a roof, shutting off the water to the home, or drying out the property.
  • Be sure to keep accurate records, such as receipts/invoices, for any emergency/temporoary repairs.
  • Take photographs! After the loss and throughout the process, documentation is extremely important.
  • Many policies also cover loss to personal property. Create an inventory of all damaged property.
  • Cooperate with your insurance company. You may be asked to make a recorded statement, allow the company to inspect the property, or to attend an examination under oath. Most policies require cooperation.
  • You can always contact Grossman Law, P.A. if you are unsure of your obligations.

What are my insurance company's obligations?

  • Your insurance company must resopnd to any communication regarding the claim within 14 calendar days, unless payment is made during that time or the failure is caused by factors beyond the company's control.
  • The company must begin its investigation within 10 working days after receiving the proof of loss statements.
  • Payment of all uncontestted amounts should be made within 90 days after receiving notice of a new, reopened, or supplemental property insurance claim.