About Us

Our Mission, Your Goals

At Grossman Law, our mantra – “Take Back the Power!” – represents a culture and philosophy of fighting corporate greed and bullies for the regular, working people of Florida. We exclusively represent clients taking on larger and more powerful foes, whether that means employees vs. employers, regular people/small businesses vs. insurance companies, independent contractors vs. corporations, tenants vs. landlords, or criminal defendants vs. the State of Florida. For more than 20 years of his personal and professional life, Michael Grossman has been standing up for the powerless against the wealthy and powerful. If you are in a situation where you feel helpless against a bigger, stronger bully, let us help you “Take Back the Power!”

We aim to give you the most impressive and outstanding representation possible. This not only includes the highest quality of our legal services, but also making sure our clients are informed and comfortable for every step of the process. We will guide you through your case, and are always available to take your calls or messages. With the resources and skill of the largest corporate firms and the attention and care of a boutique firm, we may not be the first law firm you’ve ever used, but we hope to be the last.