Residential Insurance Claims

You're in good hands

Grossman Law, P.A. can help you “take back the power!” from greedy and unfair insurance companies.

A loss to your home or property can be an intimidating and frightening experience. Your insurance contract is likely dozens of pages you probably have not read or even fully understand, and your adjuster is looking for any reason to deny or short-pay your claim. Even an unintentional mistake could result in a partial or full denial of coverage. Your insurance company may also refuse to fully pay for your contractor-of-choice, instead offering inferior recommendations for cheaper, inferior contractors. What are your rights as an insured? What can you do to make sure you and your contractor can be fully compensated, as quickly as possible? At Grossman Law, our team of attorneys will guide you through the entire claim process, and take whatever measures are necessary to recover any amounts you are owed as painlessly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

When choosing a law firm to handle your claim, look for attorneys with the skill and experience to maximize any possible recovery as quickly as possible. Michael Grossman has successfully and aggressively litigated tens of thousands of residential insurance claims across the state of Florida for more than twelve years. Mr. Grossman and his team of highly skilled attorneys and support staff are always available to help you with every step of the claim process. We understand that time is of the essence for your claim, and every day with your home in disrepair can be a nightmare, especially when your insurance company is delaying, denying, or not giving you full compensation for your loss. We will aggressively pursue each and every dollar you are owed with the speed and respect you deserve.

Don’t let your insurance company push you around, deny a covered loss, or not pay the benefits you’re owed to return your home and life to their pre-loss condition. We treat each and every claim as though it was our own homes and families, and are here to fight for you. At Grossman law, P.A., we’re here to help you “take back the power!”

If you’ve recently had a loss to your home, follow the link below to complete our brief case evaluation questionnaire and we will have an attorney contact you to discuss your options and how we can help expediate and maximize your claim!