Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Let us help you Reclaim your deposit

Let Grossman Law, P.A. help you "take back the power!" from illegal security deposit claims.

If you are in the process of moving out, or have recently moved out, of a rental property, you are likely owed the return of your security deposit. All too often, landlords make illegal deductions from your security deposit, withholding the hard-earned money you need to help you with your move.

If your landlord is withholding some or all of your security deposit, it is imperative that you act quickly! Florida law only allows a limited time for you to dispute the landlord’s refusal to return that money. At Grossman Law, we can help you review any deductions being made by the landlord to your security deposit, and determine if any of them are improper, and assist you in recovering that money, no matter how small the amount. At no time do you ever have to pay us any percentage of the money we recover for you, or pay us any money out-of-pocket to pursue your case. If litigation is necessary, we will recover any attorneys’ fees and costs associated with your case from your landlord. If we recover nothing, you owe us nothing.

If you believe you have a claim, fill out our case evaluation questionnaire and we will have one of our experienced attorneys contact you as soon as possible.